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I Think that this video should have been called "The gender wage gap is not what you think it is" or something like that, since in the video it´s existence is acnowledged.

I do think that the video starts by building a sort of a strawman, when it makes that whole "why are companies not only hireing women when they work cheaper?" thingy. There might be some instances of blatant "I pay you less because you are a woman"- type sexism, but I do also believe that the biggest factor is career choices and life choices, like the video said correctly. The question the video dubiously ommits is why someone takes such a choice. I think it is no coincidence, that many women in a certain age in which careers tend to be made (or broken) "choose" to commit less to the profesional side of their life. Simply because it i expected of them (or there is no alternatie) that they take care of the kids. I do not think that I have to explagiate more what I mean or get into any examples (regarding hiring practices, career choices, aditional qualifications, etc.), I guess you know where I am coming from.

I just wanted to write you this as perspective from a guy who thinks that the wage gap is a problem, and that said problem does not primarily consist of evildoers going "hurr durr let´s pay her less cause she has no penis! yeeeah!" (like some people might want you to think)

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